Everything Worthwhile…

Don’t Lose Sight…

Don’t lose sight
of where
you’re headed.

Don’t Ever Give Up…

Don’t ever give up
what’s gonna make
you feel
most alive!

Be True To Yourself…

Be true
to yourself
and you’ll
ring true to
the world.

If You Want to See a Hint of Your Future…

If you want to see
a hint of your future,
look at the 6 people
you spend the
time with.

On Any Given Day…

On any given day
you can massively
change the direction
of your life.

Get Clear…

Get clear
on exactly
what you want
in life.

The Price of Success…

The price of
is much lower
than the price of

I May Not Be Perfect…

I may not be
but I’m
crazy wondrous

Choose to Move…

Choose to move
out of your
comfort zone
into your